AUTEL at the 2012 PAACE Automechanika

AUTEL at the 2012 PAACE Automechanika

AUTEL Intelligent Tech launches new products    At the 2012 PAACE Automechanika AUTEL Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. has participated in the 2012 PAACE Automechanika, to be held from July 18 to 20, 2012 at the Centro Banamex in Mexico City at booth #2114. AUTEL presented the company’s lineup of automotive diagnostic products offering for Latin American that include MaxiDAS DS708, OBDII & CAN code reader AutoLink series, Special Application Diagnostic tools series, MaxiDiag Elite series, Electrical System Diagnostic tools, and Digital Inspection Videoscopes, etc.

 AUTEL introduced the new products, OIL LIGHT/ SERVICE RESET TOOL OLS301 and ELECTRONIC BRAKE SERVICE TOOL EBS301 in the PAACE Automechanika. Hundreds of visitors were surrounding the booth and tried out the new products. Our classic and top-sell product MaxiDAS DS708 was the shining star in the show, which garnered a warm reception in Mexicans.

“I believe that AUTEL is a great fit for the automotive aftermarket industry in Mexico,” said Josh Venniti, a local workshop owner, “I have been used Autel products for 4 years and I am very satisfied.” “We look forward to introduce AUTEL diagnostic products to Mexico, ” said Phip Penelop, a local distributor, “AUTEL’s experience in the manufacturing of OEM-level products, strong brand recognition, and fast response to customer demands position us to have a positive future in this region.”

 About the PAACE Automechanika Mexico show

The 14th edition of PAACE Automechanika Mexico is the most important trade show in Mexico and Central America for the automotive aftermarket. The event included 541 participating exhibitors from 20 countries and 19,763 visits were received from professionals from the automotive aftermarket industry. The visitors represented 34 countries and three continents.

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